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About iHomCare™-"Care at Home"

iHomCare is trusted home care platform and one of the India’s fastest hire-caring companies, serving 250+ caring services across India. The iHomCare app offers home care services by connecting customers to caregiver and ambulance, and a wide range of caregiver category across nurse, nurse assistant, caretaker, doctor, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, personal health trainer and dietitian, enabling convenience and transparency for more than 500 satisfied clients and over 300+  caregiver-partners.


iHomCare’s core caring offering in India is supplemented by its verified caregiver-partner nurse, doctor, caretaker, physiotherapist and ambulance partner ; India’s trusted home care business management, iHomCare Caregiver services and iHomCare Ambulance services, that aims to enable millions of livelihood opportunities for India's youth. iHomCare is looking to build caring for the next billion Indians. iHomCare also extends its consumer offerings like On call doctors, On call Physiotherapist, On Call Yoga Teacher and ambulance in any medical emergency.

iHomCare was founded in January 2014 by Sanjeev Kumar Sinha with a mission to build caring for a billion people.


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iHomCare is built on an entrepreneurial DNA. Innovation, experimentation and problem-solving are at the core of what we do. This has helped us revolutionize mobility like never before, helping build locally relevant and scalable solutions, as well as cutting edge technology for India and the world............Read More


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The perfect way to care of your loved one at your home. Caregiver available 24×7 and you can hire and caring your loved one in an instant.  With hires starting from as low as Rs 20/Hr, you can choose from wide range of option!  You can also opt to do your bit for the humanity with iHomCare Services.......Read More



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